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We value patient health and comfort above all. The way we give patients this is through world class dental treatment and aftercare advice with a strong nod towards preventative dentistry, as well as through attention and conversation that focuses on the individual. Aesthetika understand that you need a lot of context to seriously examine anything; therefore you will always get the level of personalised care that you deserve.

Dr Chris and Dr George understand how stressful a visit to the dentist can be for some people. As a result of this, they have cultivated a customer service standard that listens, understands and acts appropriately in order to provide you with tranquillity. This enables you to enjoy your time with Kingston’s best dentist.

Our years of experience mean that we have seen all manner of problems and the challenges that these can pose. Having overcome all of these we strive to give to our new and loyal patients alike the same standard of care that we would expect ourselves.

Aesthetika Dental Studio is the type of practice that we feel deeply proud of and our work reflects this. Our highly professional approach means that we want patients to show off the work that we have done as an advert for our brand. You are assured that we will always deliver our best, simply because we are passionate about what we do.

The range of procedures we offer is a testament to our knowledge and skill in all fields of dentistry. We aim to keep as much of your natural teeth intact as we possibly can. Therefore we make use of minimally invasive techniques, not only because they are better for your oral health, but also because they often promote a stress free experience for everyone. Clear orthodontic procedures such as Invisalign and the Inman Aligner, along with advanced restorative techniques like bonding and whitening treatments mean that we can engineer your perfect smile without the need for drilling in most cases.

If your teeth cannot be saved then we can give you implants of the highest quality which mimic real teeth almost flawlessly. Our mercury free fillings mean that your health is not at risk and for those who have a few missing teeth we can offer the best in ceramic porcelain bridges.

These can be combined with brilliant facial rejuvenation methods which inject confidence into our patients resulting in a fresh, new look and mentality.

Aesthetika Dental StudioAesthetika Dental Studio