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Align, Bleach and Bond is an innovative smile makeover treatment that involves no veneers, or natural tooth removal. It is a faster and cheaper solution for patients wanting to straighten and whiten their teeth.

When patients have veneer treatment the natural teeth need to be prepared. This involves shaving the teeth down to accommodate the veneers over the top. This can be a time consuming treatment, which will permanently affect the natural teeth. ABB treatment allows patients to have a dazzling new smile without the need for tooth preparation.

Align, Bleach and Bonding offer

(Only for a limited number of cases)

FREE Home Kit whitening (original price £250) with treatment

Terms and conditions apply

The first part of the treatment involves aligning the teeth and making sure they are as straight as possible. We achieve this by using either the Inman Aligner of clear braces and we whiten the teeth during this process. After braces treatment is complete we will then shape the teeth using composite bonding.

Why choose Align, Bleach and Bond treatment?

  • Teeth do not need to be prepared
  • No drills are needed
  • No injections are used
  • Cheaper than traditional smile makeover treatment
  • Results achieved quickly in a matter of months
  • Removable aligners used-eat and drink and clean teeth as normal
  • Whitening is carried out during braces treatment
  • End results show natural looking, straighter smiles
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