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Dental Fixed Braces

Fixed braces are probably the most common form of orthodontic braces used today. This is because they give very accurate results at the end of treatment.

Fixed Braces offer

(Only for a limited number of cases)

FREE Home Kit whitening (original price £250) with treatment

Terms and conditions apply

The brackets are attached to the front of the teeth and the wires are then implemented. The patient cannot take them off. There are ranges of modern fixed braces available from traditional metal fixed braces to tooth coloured fixed braces, which are more aesthetically pleasing.

Damon braces offer minor friction movement and In-Ovation fixed braces work quickly and effectively.

Modern fixed braces

Modern fixed braces often use clear brackets and wiring so that they are less visible within the mouth. These can be very popular for both adults and teenagers who want minimal changes to their facial aesthetics.

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