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We use the innovative CEREC technology to offer patients same day tooth restorations including crowns, veneers and onlay treatments. This means less time in the dental chair and less drilling and injections.

New teeth in one day

Most teeth restorations tend to take a number of dental visits before final results are achieved. Normally during the initial appointment teeth are prepared and impressions are made of the teeth. Often a temporary restoration is used before the permanent one is placed.

A few weeks later another appointment will be made where there are more injections and a permanent restoration is applied. With CEREC technology there is just one appointment needed and patients leave us with a permanent tooth restoration with no need for more appointments.

We use the finest materials

CEREC technology

Before CEREC technology was used, the only way to treat weakened or decayed teeth was to use metal fillings. CEREC uses natural tooth coloured ceramic material to recreate a healthy and beautiful smile.

We use only the finest quality materials, which blend in with the rest of the natural teeth in both colour and structure. After having CEREC treatment patients are free to eat and drink as they choose. We also bond the restoration chemically to the natural tooth. This means that less of the natural tooth is lost during the process. Consequently the teeth are much stronger after CEREC restoration.

A beautiful natural smile

CEREC technology is used for a range of restorative treatments. This can include crowns, fillings, as well as veneers. They can be used to treat broken, weak or even discoloured teeth. Beautiful smiles can be restored in just one day!

CEREC is used all over the world and CEREC restorations are placed every twenty seconds. This technology has been used for over 20 years and dentists have created natural and durable materials for over six million patients. The materials used mimic the natural teeth, giving patients the ultimate in single visit tooth restoration treatment.

For further patient information and to see videos about Cerec visit Cerec Online website.

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