IV Dental Sedation

Dental Phobia - Anxious patients

Dental Phobia

Many people avoid regular dental visits due to stress or anxiety about some of the procedures. Our clinic can accommodate dental phobics, we have a sotthing environment with relaxing music and our dentists have experience in treating patients with dental phobias. With a combination of kindness and gentleness we can do a lot to make your dental treatment stress free.

How to ease fear for the dentist

  • Visit our surgery to have a look around, to meet the team and see the environment. Tell the dentist that you are anxious so they know beforehand.
  • Choose an appointment early in the morning in order to have time to dwell on it.
  • Your first appointment at Aesthetika Dental Studio will simply be an oral health assessment and a chance to get to know your dentist.
  • Take a friend with you to your appointment. They can stay with you throughout the check-up or your future appointments.
  • On your visit it is best to agree a sign with your dentist when you need a break and want them to stop. It can be something simple, like popping your hand up and will help you feel more in control.
  • Take a personal stereo with you to listen to music. It will help you relax.
  • Most of our dental phobic patients start gradually with a scale & polish and then work up to more extensive treatment once they have built up their confidence and trust with one of our dentists.

Conscious Sedation

For those nervous patients that a dental treatment or procedure may cause discomfort, intravenous (IV) Sedation is the most effective and stress free procedure. IV Dental Sedation provides the ability to relax and receive dental treatment in a calm state that often alleviates the dental fear for future appointments.

IV Sedation for anxious patients

Did you know...

  • IV sedation will reduce your anxiety and will make you feel relaxed.
  • It will make you sleepy.
  • It will make you unaware of the procedure.
  • It will result in partial or total loss of memory of the procedure.
  • The treatment will be carried out in our clinic after our skilled anaesthetist will perform the IV Dental Sedation.

After IV sedation

You will be required to stay in our waiting room until you will be ready to leave. You will need to bring a responsible adult with you (over the age of 18) to arrive and remain in the clinic with you. They must be able to escort you home and care for you.

Until the following day after you have had IV sedation, you should not:

  • travel alone
  • drive
  • drink alcohol
  • return to work
  • sign legal documents
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